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Entry #1

Of course.

2007-09-16 14:53:50 by PurpleTriforce

Thanks for all the flames on the Flash Dressup game. I should've known there'd be loads of critics on Newgrounds. I guess it's my fault for joining.

W/e. I can be found on YouTube. Cya whenever.



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2008-03-09 14:26:03

You should seriously put "ASP: If you were Gay" on NG. It was freakin' awesome.


2008-03-09 14:27:52

Oh! I just found out I'm the first to comment on your page. I'm so special! :-)


2008-10-21 19:04:47

oh god your on NG?


2013-09-26 19:39:56

If I remember, your YouTube videos weren't all that great either.